About Us

Hello everyone. My name is Dave.

I am 32 years old guy and had a fascination with lighting ever since I knew about LED lighting and strip lights. I have completed my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and am able to understand the often complex topics in the field of LED technology.

Why Read My Blog?

I have spent over 5 years learning about lighting and still learning about the new technology of lighting. During my own research process, I have gone through many articles about lighting and being able to contribute to people with less technical expertise.

As I have been working on all aspects of lighting for a long time, I decided to create an easy place where I could write down my findings and explain all topics in a simple way. So that you can find all the important topics about lighting easily.

This website is where I share my findings, opinions, and recommendations. This is the place where I share my knowledge. I hope these tips will enlighten you about the wonderful world of lighting!