How to Reset Maintenance Light on Generac Generator

When you have a Generac generator, you want to ensure that it is always in top condition. One way to do this is to reset the maintenance light. This article will show you how to do that. Resetting the maintenance light can help ensure that your generator stays in good shape. This article will teach you how to reset maintenance light on generac generator.

How to Reset Maintenance Light on Generac Generator

Some people are scared of doing their maintenance, but it can be done. The maintenance on your model can be found in the manual. You should check it every time you add fuel or oil to ensure that you do not add more than is recommended. How often you need to change your oil will depend on how much you run the generator and how long each time.

Summary: Resetting the maintenance light on a Generac generator is a straightforward process that ensures your generator continues to operate efficiently and alerts you when it’s time for routine maintenance. The maintenance light, also known as the “Inspect Battery” or “Change Oil” light, is triggered by the generator’s internal control panel and serves as a reminder to perform necessary upkeep tasks. Timely maintenance not only prolongs the generator’s lifespan but also helps maintain optimal performance during power outages or emergencies.

To reset the maintenance light on a Generac generator, first, ensure that the generator is turned off and disconnected from any external power sources. Locate the generator’s control panel, which is typically situated on the side or front of the unit. Press the “Enter” or “Escape” button to access the main menu, then scroll through the available options using the arrow keys until you reach the “Maintenance” menu. Select the “Maintenance” menu by pressing the “Enter” button, and then scroll to the “Reset” option.

Press the “Enter” button again to reset the maintenance light, which should extinguish or display a reset maintenance interval. After completing the reset process, perform any necessary maintenance tasks as outlined in the generator’s owner’s manual, such as changing the oil or inspecting the battery. Regularly monitoring and resetting the maintenance light on your Generac generator ensures that it remains in peak condition and ready to provide reliable power when needed.

A Detailed Guide on How to Reset Maintenance Light on Generac Generator

Step 1: Before You Start

Prepare a screwdriver to remove the maintenance light from the generator. Turn off power from the main circuit breaker in your home, and pull out the generator plug once it has been turned off. Sl de the self-locking tab on the top of the cover plate counterclockwise to remove it from its slot. The arrow in the illustration below points to a small black plastic tab that you must slide sideways to lift and remove a metal cover plate covering a hole in your generator panel. The cover plate is removed by pulling it straight up.

Step 2: Reset Yellow Light

If the yellow light on your generator is constantly flashing, it indicates that a problem has been detected. To reset the light, first press the red reset button on the right side of your control panel. Hold the button down for up to 10 seconds before releasing it. If the light still flashes, go to step 3.

Step 3: Reset Red Light

The power pack or engine may be overloaded, making this red maintenance light come on; then, it blinks after 30 seconds. Press and hold down both buttons (up arrow + down arrow) for at least seven seconds until the red light turns off completely, meaning that your machine is now back in order.

Reset the Red Light

Once the reset button has been pushed, a green light will flash every three seconds. It will stay on the steady green if everything is fine and your unit is in a ready state. However, when you see a green light flashing every two seconds – your machine requires some service, or it needs to be turned off immediately when you notice that the green light keeps blinking every second.

Put, if it’s blinking slowly, something isn’t working correctly with your generator, which means there may be an overload due to a problem with one of the components, for example. Th t red maintenance light alternates between yellow and red lights, but if the red light is on constantly, then it means that there’s a problem with your engine. This is a crucial step in how to reset maintenance light on generac generator.

Step 4: Reset Green Light

If the light is green, then all is well and the unit is functioning as it should. However, you cannot reset it – except by taking your machine to an authorized service center as soon as possible! If you see it flashing, for example when one of the breakers is open or there is another problem that could cause an overload, press and hold both buttons (up arrow + down arrow) for at least seven seconds until the red light turns off.

When your machine is overloaded due to an open breaker or because there’s another problem that makes it happen, then press and hold down both buttons (up arrow + down arrow) for at least seven seconds until the red light turns off, ultimately meaning your machine is working fine again. Simply put, if it’s blinking slowly, something isn’t working correctly with your generator, which means there may be an overload due to a problem with one of the components, for example.

Step 5: Cleaning

After resetting the maintenance light on your Generac generator, be sure to give it a good cleaning. Dust can build up and affect performance, so removing it is key. First, take off any side panels and build-up from the inside of the machine. Next, simply wipe it down with a duster or some towels and make sure everything is dry before putting the side panels back on. You might even want to repeat this process after a day’s use, but only if there’s no debris left on the outside of the control panel.

Step 6: Storage

It’s best not to leave your machine outside during the winter months because the changing temperature might cause damage which means it won’t be working correctly. The ideal temperature for storing your generator is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but that doesn’t mean there are other options since this will depend on where you live and the weather conditions in your area. These steps will help in how to reset maintenance light on generac generator.

Store Your Generator


  • Before you reset your generator’s “maintenance minder” light, be aware that the unit should not be run at idle for more than 10 minutes. Instead, it is better to shut off the unit and cool down for 30 minutes.
  • Never attempt to service or perform maintenance on a propane-fueled engine. The fuel system requires specific procedures and safety precautions.
  • Never attempt to service a gasoline engine in a confined space.
  • Do not overfill the fuel tank with gasoline. Gasoline should only be added until it just starts to overflow.
  • Be sure to use fresh, clean gasoline. Old gasoline will cause problems.
  • Ensure you are familiar with generator safety procedures before attempting to reset the generator’s maintenance minder light.

Generac generators will alert you when it is time for necessary service by starting an engine check. In addition, the battery charge indicator and hour meter flash once every three seconds.

What Are Some Common Problems With Generators?

Today, generators are essential devices that provide electricity during blackouts or other emergencies. The operators are powered by diesel, gasoline, or natural gas. However, common problems associated with these emergency power generating systems can result from poor maintenance and improper use.

If your generator’s green light starts flashing, it means you need service or have low oil pressure. Immediately shut down your generator and call a local electrician/generator shop for servicing before restarting.

In some cases, you may not even notice any problems, and after a few months, the generator will not start. When going to start it and not even sputter or turn over. The first thing you should do is check your fuel supply and fill the container if needed (not all generators use gasoline, some use natural gas).

The next thing you should do is check the oil. Like most of us, it may be more like 3-4 months and 12,000 miles. If your generator uses 10W30 engine oil (typical automotive type), this will usually last about 5 hours before it needs changing according to how hard the unit is run each time. This is critical for emergency standby generators that have not been started for many months or years. You should check your oil regardless of whether it has been run recently or not.

If you feel the unit is running fine and needs a new filter, air cleaner, etc., then, by all means, replace the parts that need to be replaced. However, I recommend changing the engine oil regardless as most of these generators are not used consistently and under extreme conditions (which makes them hard on the engines). Then you change the old, weak, dirty oil for fresh, clean oil. It can make a big difference in how long your generator will last.

Change the Old Oil and Air Filter

This is one of the most common problems with generators and can be easily avoided. If the maintenance light on your generator has started to flash or has remained illuminated, you don’t ignore it by restarting the engine. This important indication (light) could save you time and money by preventing significant damage to your generator’s engine.

Search for a large red button labeled “Reset” that will usually be found near your power cord connected to your emergency backup power system. Press and hold this button for a minimum of 10 seconds. Within a few seconds, your maintenance light will go off, and everything will be back to normal. You can now restart your generator with no fears of further damage or a headache from having to call service technicians out to look at the equipment, which you might have been able to fix yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Flashing Red Light on a Generac Generator Mean?

A flashing red light on a Generac generator usually means that the engine has overheated and needs to be stopped or shut down. It is important to remember that these engines can quickly overheat if you don’t take action, so it is best to call an electrician as soon as possible.

What Does Yellow Light on Generator Mean?

If you see a yellow light on your generator, it means that there is a problem with the engine. You should contact your contractor or home warranty company to have the issue fixed as soon as possible.

Can You Reset a Generator?

To do this, turn off the electricity to your unit and then twist the key in opposite directions two or three times to rotate it 180 degrees. After doing so, reconnect the power and start your generator.

Does a Generator Have a Reset Button?

A generator has a reset button if it has a breakaway switch. A breakaway switch is a safety device that interrupts the power to the generator in the event of an emergency. If a generator doesn’t have a breakaway switch, you will need to turn it off by disconnecting the power cord.

You Should Do is Check Your Fuel Supply


Now you know how to reset maintenance light on generac generator. The key is paying attention when the “Check Engine” message pops up on your dashboard and follow these simple instructions for a happy, healthy engine!

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