How to Hang a Plug in Pendant Light From Ceiling

Installing a plug-in pendant light is a great option if you want to add extra light to a room. Not only do they add light, but they can also add some style to the space. However, hanging plug-in pendant lights from the ceiling can be tricky if you’ve never done it before. This post will show you how to hang a plug in pendant light from ceiling. Keep reading for tips on how to hang a plug-in pendant light from your ceiling!

Summary: Attach the cord to the light’s electrical outlet and plug in the light. Twist the cord clockwise until it is tight. If the cord is too short, you can add an extension cord. Attach the light’s mounting bracket to the wall using the screws provided. Push the light down until it is level with the top of the bracket. Use the included washers and screws to attach the light to the bracket.

How to Hang a Plug in Pendant Light From Ceiling

What Causes a Pendant Light to Stop Working?

There are a few reasons why your pendant light might stop working. The most common reason is that the bulb has burned out and needs to be replaced. If you have a multi-light pendant, make sure that all of the bulbs are screwed in tightly and that none of them are burned out. Another reason why your pendant light might not be working is that the socket is loose.

This is because the socket is the part of the light that connects to the power source. If the socket is loose, it can cause an electrical problem that will prevent the light from working. Additionally, the cord might be frayed or damaged, which can also cause an electrical problem. The other reason why your pendant light might not be working is that the ceiling mount is loose.

This is because the ceiling mount is what holds the entire light fixture in place. If the ceiling mount is loose, it can cause the entire light fixture to become unsteady and fall. Lastly, the switch might be turned off. This is an easy fix- turn on the switch and see if the light comes on.

Step by Step How to Hang a Plug in Pendant Light From Ceiling

1. Find the Studs in Your Ceiling

If you’re going to be hanging your pendant light from the ceiling, the first step is to find the studs in your ceiling. You’ll need to screw the ceiling mount into the studs to keep it secure. You can use a stud finder to make this process easier. First, hold the stud finder up to the ceiling and slide it until it beeps. This indicates that there is a stud in the ceiling. Repeat this process until you’ve found all the studs in the area where you’re hanging the light.

If you’re having trouble finding the studs, try tapping on the ceiling until you hear a solid sound. This indicates that there is a stud behind the drywall.

Find the Studs in Your Ceiling

2. Measure the Distance

Once you’ve found the studs, the next step is to measure the distance between them. This is important because you’ll need to know how long the cord is to hang the pendant light at the correct height. Hold one end of the measuring tape at the edge of the first stud to measure the distance. Then, extend the measuring tape to the edge of the second stud. Make sure to write down the measurement, so you don’t forget it.

Avoid measuring from the center of the studs to the center of the other studs because this can give you an inaccurate measurement.

3. Cut a Hole in the ceiling

Now that you know how long the cord is, you can cut a hole in the ceiling. This hole needs to be big enough for the cord to fit through. To cut the hole, use a pencil to mark the spot on the ceiling where you’re going to cut. Then, use a drywall saw to cut out the hole. Be careful not to cut yourself when you’re cutting the hole in the ceiling. If you’re not comfortable cutting a hole in the ceiling, you can always ask a friend or family member to help you. Avoid using a power drill to make the hole because this can damage the drywall.

4. Drill a Hole Through the Ceiling

After you’ve cut the hole in the ceiling, you need to drill a hole through the center of it. This hole is for the pendant light’s cord. To drill the hole, first, put on a pair of safety goggles. Then, hold the drill up to the ceiling and align the drill bit’s tip with the center of the hole. Next, squeeze the trigger of the drill and start drilling. Keep drilling until the drill bit comes out on the other side of the ceiling. Be careful not to drill too deeply and damage the wiring in your ceiling.

5. Run the Wires Through the Ceiling

Now that you’ve drilled the hole, you can run the wires through the ceiling. To do this, first, locate the wire that is connected to the pendant light. Then, feed the wire through the hole in the ceiling until it comes out on the other side. If you’re having trouble feeding the wire through the hole, you can try using a wire hanger to help you. Once the wire is through the ceiling, connect it to the pendant light.

Wire That is Connected to the Pendant Light

6. Attach the Canopy to the ceiling

After you’ve connected the wire to the pendant light, the next step is to attach the canopy to the ceiling. The canopy is the metal plate that the pendant light will be mounted. To attach the canopy, first, hold it up to the ceiling and align the holes in the canopy with the holes in the ceiling. Then, use screws to secure the canopy to the ceiling. Be sure to use screws that are long enough to go through the canopy and into the studs.

If you’re unsure what size screws to use, you can always ask a hardware store employee for help.

7. Hang the Pendant Light

Now that the canopy is attached to the ceiling, you can hang the pendant light. To do this, first, locate the loop on the top of the pendant light. Then, put the loop over the hook on the ceiling canopy. Next, pull the cord through the loop until it’s tight. Finally, screw in a light bulb and turn on the power to the light. Try hanging the pendant light at different heights to see what looks best in your space. Avoid hanging the pendant light too low, or the light bulb might touch someone’s head.

8. Connect the Wires to the Pendant Light

The next step is to connect the wires to the pendant light. To do this, first, locate the black wire coming from the ceiling. Then, twist the end of the wire around the black wire on the pendant light. Next, do the same thing with the white wires. Finally, twist the grounding wire around the green screw on the pendant light. Once all the wires are connected, screw in a light bulb and turn the power to light on.

9. Attach the Shade to the Pendant Light

The last step is to attach the shade to the pendant light. This is a simple process that only requires a few steps. First, locate the ring on the top of the shade. Then, put the ring over the neck of the pendant light. Next, screw the ring onto the neck of the pendant light. Finally, twist the shade onto the ring until it’s tight. Once the shade is in place, your pendant light is ready to use.

Locate the Ring on the Top of the Shade

10. Test the Pendant Light

Before you use the pendant light, it’s important to test it to ensure it’s working properly. To do this, first, turn off the power to the light. Then, screw in a light bulb and turn the power back on. Finally, flip the switch to turn on the light. If the light doesn’t turn on, ensure all the wires are connected properly. You may need to consult a professional electrician if you still have trouble.

Tips and Warnings on How to Hang a Plug in Pendant Light From Ceiling


  1. Hang the plug-in pendant light at least seven feet above the ground to avoid bumping into it.
  2. If possible, use an existing light fixture to guide where to place the new one.
  3. Use a level when hanging the pendant light to ensure it is even.
  4. Be sure to turn off the power to the circuit before starting any work.
  5. Use the appropriate size drill bit for the hardware being used.
  6. Wear safety goggles when drilling holes.


  1. Do not overload circuits by adding too many lights.
  2. Do not use nails or screws that are too long as they could come in contact with electrical wiring.
  3. Be careful not to puncture the wire insulation when drilling holes. This could create a shock hazard.
  4. Ensure the pendant light is properly supported, so it does not fall and break.
Pendant Light is Properly Supported

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put a Plug on a Ceiling Light?

Ceiling lights typically have a plug on the end that can be plugged into an outlet. If you want to put a plug on a ceiling light, you will need to unscrew the light fixture and remove the plug. Once the plug is removed, you can reattach the plug by screwing it onto the end of the light fixture.

Do Pendant Lights Plug Into Wall?

There are a variety of types of Pendant Lights, some of which do not plug into the wall and others which do. Most Pendant Lights with a cord typically plug into an outlet on the wall, but there are a few models that require you to use the included battery to power them. In general, Pendant Lights with a cord can be plugged into any standard outlet, while Pendant Lights that use batteries typically need to be placed near a power source (such as an outlet in a bedroom or living room) so that they can be recharged.

What is the Difference Between a Pendant Light and a Ceiling Light?

A pendant light is typically a smaller, more delicate light fixture that hangs from the ceiling or wall, while a ceiling light is a larger, more robust fixture that hangs from the ceiling. Both types of lights can be used for a variety of purposes, including lighting up a room or area, providing extra light during nighttime hours, or creating a dramatic effect. Pendants are often easier to move around than ceiling lights, making them ideal for use in areas where space is limited or where different parts of the room need different amounts of light.

Do Pendant Lights Need a Ground?

Pendant lights do not need a ground, as they are powered by a transformer. However, if you have any other type of light fixture that uses a transformer, such as a chandelier or light fixture with an E14 socket, you should connect the ground wire from the transformer to the grounding screw on the light fixture. This will ensure that the electrical current flowing through the transformer is properly grounded and protected from potential hazards.


So, now you know how to hang a plug in pendant light from ceiling. Just follow the simple steps outlined in this article, and you’ll be able to install your new light in no time. With a little planning and effort, you can have a beautiful, new pendant light in your home that you can enjoy for years to come. Thanks for reading!

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