How to Hang Lights on Pool Cage

Hanging lights on your pool cage is a great way to set the mood for evening gatherings and provide additional lighting around your pool. It adds an extra layer of ambiance, helps enhance safety in the area, and can even help cool down ambient temperatures when used with covered fixtures.

How to Hang Lights on Pool Cage

Whether you want to do this as part of a DIY project or hire professionals, it’s important to consider factors like weather conditions, power requirements, and how many lights you need. Here are some tips on how to hang lights on pool cage so that you can enjoy them all season!

Tools and Materials You Will Need to Hang Lights on Pool Cage

  1. Extension ladder or another tall ladder
  2. Drill and drill bits
  3. Wire cutters
  4. Screws, anchors, or other fasteners for mounting the lights to the pool cage
  5. Outdoor lights designed for wet locations
  6. Electrical tape/wire nuts if you are connecting multiple lights together.

Step-by-Step Guidelines on How to Hang Lights on Pool Cage

Step 1: Choose a Location for Your Lights

When determining where to hang your lights, consider factors like the height of the pool cage, your neighborhood’s lighting rules, and sight lines. It’s generally best to avoid hanging lights too or low on the fence. It’s also important to make sure that the lights won’t be in direct contact with water or other sources of moisture.

Step 2: Install Mounting Hardware

Before installing your light fixtures, you’ll need to attach the mounting hardware to the pool cage. This can consist of anchors, screws, etc., depending on what type of fixture you’re using. When installing the hardware, be sure to use waterproof fasteners that can withstand outdoor conditions.

Installing Your Light Fixtures

Step 3: Connect the Lights to a Power Source

Once you’ve attached all of the mounting hardware, it’s time to connect your lights to a power source. This will depend on what type of lights you’re using and the power source you’re connecting to. If you’re using multiple lights, it may be necessary to use electrical tape or wire nuts to connect them together.

Step 4: Test Your Lights

Once everything is connected and securely in place, turn on your lights to test them out. Make sure they are working properly and that there is no visible damage to the wiring. If you find any issues, be sure to fix them before using your lights again.

Step 5: Maintenance and Inspection for Your Lights

Once you’ve installed your lights, it’s important to inspect them regularly for any signs of wear and tear. Make sure that the wiring is secure and not exposed. Additionally, be sure to check the light bulbs periodically and replace any that are burned out.

You also need to make sure your lights are properly grounded. This will reduce the risk of electrical shock if there is a sudden surge of electricity. To do this, you can use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) or have an electrician install a ground rod.

Finally, be sure to clean your lights regularly to keep them in good condition. To do this, you can use a damp cloth and mild detergent to wipe away dirt and grime. This help make sure your lights last many years!

Additional Tips and Tricks to Hang Lights on Pool Cage

1. Carefully measure the area where you’ll be hanging the lights before purchasing. This will ensure that your lights will fit properly and that you won’t need to make any modifications or adjustments.

2. Make sure to securely mount the lights to the cage so they don’t move around or become loose. Using screws and bolts is an effective way to do this, as they provide a strong anchor.

Securely Mount the Lights to the Cage

3. Look for lights that have adjustable brightness settings so you can adjust the lighting depending on the time of day or mood. This will allow you to customize your pool cage lighting experience without having to purchase multiple products.

4. If you’re hanging lights on an aluminum pool cage, make sure to use non-steel screws and bolts so that the metal won’t corrode over time.

5. Consider adding decorative elements to your pool cage lighting setup by using colored bulbs or ones with fun patterns. This will add a personal touch to your pool area.

6. If you’re hanging lights on a higher pool cage, make sure to use an extension cord or wire so that the lights reach their intended destination.

7. Make sure to check your local codes and regulations before installing any lighting fixtures on your pool cage. This will ensure that you stay compliant and safe.

8. If you’re installing outdoor lights, check to make sure they’re waterproof so they don’t get damaged by rain or other elements.

Hanging lights on a pool cage can be an easy, inexpensive way to enhance the look and feel of your backyard oasis. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can create a beautiful lighting setup that will make your outdoor space even more enjoyable. So take the time to plan out your design carefully and purchase quality products, and you’ll be able to transform your pool area into something truly special.

Common Mistakes in Hanging Lights on Pool Cage

1. Not Using the Right Type of Lights: 

Make sure to use waterproof lights designed for outdoor/pool use. Regular indoor lights may not be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions in your area and will be damaged quickly. If you want your lights to last for a long time, use pool-rated lights.

2. Not Following Safety Precautions: 

Before doing any work around the pool, be sure to turn off the power to the area and make sure no one is swimming or near the water. You should also wear safety glasses while handling and installing the lights.

3. Not Measuring the Pool Cage Beforehand: 

Take measurements of your pool cage before purchasing lights to make sure you are buying the right size for your cage. It is important to measure accurately so that the lights fit properly and do not fall off or become damaged due to improper sizing.

4. Installing Too Many Lights: 

Be careful not to overload the pool cage with too many lights. This can put unnecessary strain on the structure of the cage and can cause damage over time. It is best to install just enough lights to properly illuminate the area without overdoing it.

5. Installing Lights Inaccessible Areas: 

Make sure to avoid installing lights in areas where they will be difficult to access. This can make it complicated and time-consuming if you ever need to repair or replace them. Try to choose areas of the pool cage that are easy to reach and maintain.

Avoiding the above mistakes will help you hang lights on your pool cage properly and ensure that they last for a long time. With the right safety precautions and proper installation, you can enjoy beautiful lighting in and around your pool area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Lights Can Be Used to Light Up a Pool Cage? 

You can choose from a variety of lighting options for your pool cage, such as string lights, spotlights, and lanterns. It is important to choose outdoor-rated lights that are designed for use in wet locations. Additionally, you should always be sure to check the wattage rating and that the lights are UL-listed for safety.

What Is the Best Way to Hang Lights on a Pool Cage? 

When hanging any type of light on your pool cage, it is important to use a hook or hanger specifically designed for outdoor use. You may also need to use a ladder or step stool to reach higher spots on the pool cage. Additionally, it is important to be sure that the lights are securely attached and do not come into contact with any water sources.

Lights Are Securely Attached

Are There Any Tips for Hanging Lights Up in High Places? 

When hanging lights in high places, it can be helpful to have an additional set of hands to hold the ladder or step stool for you. Additionally, you may want to invest in a light hook with a long handle so that you don’t have to stretch too far when hanging lights. Lastly, be sure to use caution when working at heights and take frequent breaks if needed.

How Should I My Lights After Hanging Them? 

It is always a good idea to clean your lights after hanging them up. This can help to prevent any dirt and debris from getting into the light fixtures and potentially causing damage. You should use a damp cloth and mild soap to wipe down the lights, being sure not to submerge them in water., you should always check the cords and connections for signs of wear or damage before using them.


Now you know how to hang lights on pool cages, the best type of lights to use, and tips on how to hang them in high places. Additionally, you should always clean your lights after hanging them up and check all connections for signs of wear or damage. With these tips in mind, you should be able to safely and easily light up your pool cage!

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