How to Adjust Alpharex Headlights

Alpharex headlights are a type of LED headlight that offers superior lighting performance over traditional halogen headlights. In addition, they are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan, making them an excellent choice for those who are looking for an upgrade from their current headlight system. Adjusting alpharex headlights is a quick and easy way to improve your vehicle’s visibility while driving, especially during nighttime. In this post, we will explain how to adjust alpharex headlights. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions.

Summary: Alpharex headlights are a popular option for vehicles and can be a great addition to your car. However, they can be difficult to adjust, so it is important to know how to do it. This guide will show you how to adjust your Alpharex headlights, so that they are perfect for your driving needs.

How to Adjust Alpharex Headlights

What Causes Alpharex Headlights to Misalign?

The most common reason for misaligned headlights is improper installation. If the headlight was not installed correctly in the first place, it would likely become misaligned over time. Another common cause of misaligned headlights is a bumpy road. Every time you hit a pothole or small bump, it can cause the headlight to move slightly out of place.

There are several major causes of misaligned headlights. One is an accident. If you have been in a minor fender-bender, it is possible that the impact could have knocked the headlight out of alignment. Another cause is age and wear-and-tear. Over time, headlights can become misaligned from normal use.

Is it Safe to Drive With Misaligned Alpharex Headlights?

Driving with misaligned headlights can be dangerous, as it can reduce your visibility while driving, especially at night. When the headlight is not pointing in the correct direction, it will not illuminate the road in front of you as effectively. This can make it difficult to see, which can lead to accidents. The best way to ensure that your headlights are properly aligned is to adjust them regularly.

Some Simple Ways on How to Adjust Alpharex Headlights

There are a few different ways that you can adjust your headlights. We will go over 15 of the most popular methods below.

1. Use an Alignment Tool

The first way to adjust your headlights is to use an alignment tool. This specialized tool is designed to help you align your headlights. There are a few different types of alignment tools on the market, so be sure to choose one that is compatible with your headlights. To use the alignment tool, first, turn on your headlights. Next, place the alignment tool on the ground in front of your vehicle. Finally, adjust the tool until the beam of light from the headlight is pointing in the correct direction.

Way to Adjust  Your Headlights

2. Adjust the Headlights Manually

You can still adjust your headlights manually if you do not have an alignment tool. To do this, first, turn on your headlights. Next, get in front of your vehicle and look at the beams of light. You will need to raise the headlights if the beams are too low. To do this, locate the adjustment screws on the back of the headlight assembly. Turn the screws clockwise to raise the headlights and counterclockwise to lower them. If the beams point too high, you need to lower the headlights.

3. Use a Flashlight

Another way to adjust your headlights is to use a flashlight. This method is similar to the alignment tool but does not require a specialized tool. To use a flashlight, first, park your car on a level surface.

Next, turn on your headlights and aim the beams at a wall or other flat surface. Then, take a flashlight and shine it on the wall where the headlight beams are hitting. Finally, move the headlights up or down until the beam of light from the flashlight is in the center of the headlight beam. Once you have adjusted the headlights, turn off the flashlight and turn off your car.

4. Use a Level

Use a Level to Adjust Your Headlights

If you do not have a flashlight, you can use a level to adjust your headlights. This is a slightly more difficult method, but it can be done if you do not have a flashlight. First, find a level surface on which to park your car.

To adjust your headlights, first put the level on the ground in front of the headlights. Then use the adjustment screws to move the headlights until the beam is level with the ground. If you can’t see the beam, ask a friend to help you.

5. Park on an Incline

Another way to adjust your headlights is to park on an incline. This method is best if the beams are pointing too low. Park your car at the bottom of a driveway or hill so that the front of your car is higher than the back.

Turn on your headlights to see where the light beams hit. If pointing too low, use a Phillips screwdriver to turn the vertical adjustment screws until the beams point in the right direction. Consult a professional mechanic or radiator specialist if your headlights are still not appropriately adjusted.

Turn on Your Headlights

6. Use Tape

If you still have trouble adjusting your headlights, you can use tape to help. This is a temporary fix, but it will help you get your headlights aligned correctly. First, find a flat surface to park your car in front of. Then, put tape on the bottom of your headlights. Make sure that the tape is level with the ground.

Finally, turn on your headlights and see if the light is now hitting the flat surface. If it is, you have successfully adjusted your headlights. If not, you may need to adjust the position of the tape or try a different method. This will help you see where the beam is hitting and make it easier to adjust.

7. Use a Ruler

Another way to adjust your headlights is to use a ruler. This method is more accurate, but it requires an extra step. First, park your car about 25 feet from a wall or other flat surface. Next, measure the distance from the ground to the center of your headlights. Then, measure the distance from the ground to the center of the horizontal line that you drew in step 5. Finally, use a ruler to draw a line connecting these two points. This line should be level.

8. Hire a Professional

If you still have trouble adjusting your headlights, you may need to hire a professional. A professional mechanic or radiator specialist will be able to adjust your headlights correctly. They will also be able to check for other problems that may be causing your headlights to point in the wrong direction.

Need to Hire a Professional  For Adjust Headlights

How Much Does Alpharex Headlights Adjustment Cost?

The price of Alpharex headlight adjustment is between $100 and $200. The cost of Alpharex headlight adjustment will vary depending on the type of car you have and where you go to get it done. If you have a newer car, the cost will be higher because the headlights are more difficult to adjust. If you go to a professional mechanic or radiator specialist, the cost will be higher than if you do it yourself.

Tips and Warnings on How to Adjust Alpharex Headlights


1. Be sure to consult your car’s manual before making any adjustments to your headlights.

2. Use a ruler or measuring tape to help ensure that your headlights are properly aligned.

3. Park your car in a well-lit area so that you can see what you’re doing.

4. Make sure that the area around your headlights is clean before making any adjustments.


1. Do not touch the glass of the headlight when making adjustments, as this can cause the headlight to break.

2. Be careful not to over-tighten the screws on the headlight, as this can damage the headlight.

3. Do not adjust your headlights while your car is running.

4. Do not drive your car with improperly adjusted headlights, as this can be dangerous. Consult a professional if you are unsure how to adjust your headlights properly.

How to Prevent Your Alpharex Headlights from Needing Adjustment

There are a few things that you can do to prevent your Alpharex headlights from needing adjustment. First, park your car on the level ground whenever possible. This will help to keep the headlights pointing in the right direction. Secondly, avoid striking curbs or other objects with your tires. This can cause the suspension to become misaligned, which can lead to the headlights pointing in the wrong direction.

Prevent Alpharex Headlights

Third, check your suspension regularly to ensure it is in good working order. Again, this will help to keep the headlights pointing in the right direction. Fourth, keep an eye on the alignment of your headlights. If they seem to be pointing in the wrong direction, have them aligned by a professional.

Finally, if you live in an area with a lot of snow and ice, make sure to have your Alpharex headlights serviced regularly. This will help to keep them from becoming misaligned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Projector Headlights Be Adjusted?

Yes, projector headlights can be adjusted. This is done by rotating the light output knob on the headlight unit or by using a remote control. It is important to note that this adjustability may not be available in all models, so you should consult your projector’s instruction manual for more information.

Where Are the Headlight Adjustment Screws?

Headlights on a car are adjustable using screws located around the perimeter of the headlight. These screws can be tightened or loosened to change how bright the headlights appear. It is important to keep these screws tight in order to maintain proper headlight illumination and night vision. Additionally, if one of your headlights becomes damaged, you can tighten these screws until they make contact with the lens in order to fake a new headlight installation.

What is Headlight Beam Pattern?

Headlight Beam Pattern refers to the direction of the light coming out of a car’s headlight. It is important to know this information in order to properly adjust your headlights while driving. The headlight beam pattern should be parallel to the ground when driving in a straight line. When turning, the headlight beam pattern should follow the turn.

Do Led Headlights Need Beam Deflectors?

Yes, LED headlights do need beam deflectors to avoid blinding other drivers. Beam deflectors help direct the light downward instead of directly into your eyes, which is safer for both you and those around you.


Now that you know how to adjust alpharex headlights, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get started. Remember, these adjustments should only be made if the headlight beam is aimed too high or low – never in the middle of the road. By following these simple steps, you can make sure that you and everyone else on the road are seeing clearly when driving at night.

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