How to Change High Ceiling Light Bulb

There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of changing a light bulb yourself. It’s a simple task, but it feels like you’ve accomplished something. And if your ceilings are high, that can be a bit of a challenge. This article will discuss how to change high ceiling light bulb; with these tips, you’ll be able to change that light bulb like a pro!

High Ceiling light bulbs are considerably more challenging to reach, and you’ll want to be extra careful while attempting to change these. But with this article, you’ll get the job done in no time! Remember, your ceiling height can add difficulty level, so consider when reading through this article.

Summary: If your high ceiling light bulb is older and not working as well as it used to, there are a few simple steps you can take to fix the problem. First, remove the old light bulb and replace it with a new one. If the old light bulb is not in the socket, unscrew the light fixture and remove the light bulb. Next, screw the new light bulb into the light fixture and tighten the screws. Finally, reattach the light fixture to the wall.

How to Change High Ceiling Light Bulb

Tools and Materials

  • Step Ladder
  • Extendable Pole
  • Screwdriver
  • New LED Bulb
  • Gloves

A Stepwise Guide on How to Change High Ceiling Light Bulb

Step 1: Turn off Power to the Ceiling Light

Before removing or changing your high ceiling light bulb, make sure that the light is turned off. If it is turned on, find out how to turn it off by looking at the light fixture. There should be some switch or knob at the base of the lamp. Turn this knob until you feel like it’s not getting power anymore. Keep in mind if anyone else turns on the switch while you are handling electrical work, they will get electrocuted.

Step 2: Let the Bulb Cool Down

Give It Time Before Doing Anything

It would take several minutes for the bulb to cool down, so we need to give it time before doing anything with it. If you try to change a high ceiling light bulb when it heats up, things might get messy, especially if the glass cracks and hot shards fly everywhere.

Step 3: Use Step Ladder to Reach the Ceiling

Changing a high ceiling light bulb can be dangerous. Even with the help of another person, there’s still a good chance that something will go wrong. To prevent this from happening, it would be beneficial if you could put up a step ladder right underneath your chosen spot for changing the bulb. This way you will be able to change the light without having any accidents.

Step 4: Use an Extendable Pole to Reach the Bulb

If you need to change a lightbulb that is too high to reach with a step ladder, you will need to use an extendable pole. You can buy one of these at a hardware store. It is important to make sure that the pole has been tested before using it, as there have been reports of them breaking during usage.

Make Sure That the Pole Has Been Tested

Step 5: Remove Fixture Cover

In order to change the light bulb in a high ceiling light, you must first remove the fixture cover. To do this, unscrew or loosen the screws holding it in place. Be careful when taking out the old bulb, as it may be fragile and break easily. If anything is dirty, clean it up with soap and water before continuing.

Step 6: Remove Broken Bulbs

If you’re already up there, removing any broken bulbs would be a great idea. That way, the new bulb will go in smoothly and you won’t have to worry about anything else. You might need an extra set of hands for this part, as it can be pretty challenging to handle with just one pair. However, it’s a crucial step in changing a high ceiling light bulb.

Removing Any Broken Bulbs Would Be a Great Idea

Step 6: Choose LED Bulbs

LED bulbs offer many benefits; they can last for several years with regular use. This means you don’t need to change them as often, which can save you money since LED bulbs are cheaper than other light sources. In addition, LED bulbs are very energy efficient, so your electricity bill won’t eventually skyrocket if you frequently change low ceiling light bulbs.

Step 7: Get the New Bulb

Before you begin, double-check that you have the new bulb. Be extra careful when removing the old one and inserting the new one, as they are very delicate. Keep in mind that if anything goes wrong, there will be no way to fix it, so handle with care.

Be Extra Careful When Removing the Old One

Step 8: Put in the New Bulb

Once you have your new light bulb, all you need to do is screw it in! There isn’t any particular way to change a high ceiling light bulb, so screw it in where it’s supposed to go and screw tightly. When putting in a new light bulb, tighten slowly but surely, so the glass doesn’t break. If you find that it is too hot to touch, you will need to wait several minutes before brushing the bulb or doing anything with it.

Step 9: Replace Fixture Cover

After everything has cooled down, get your fixture cover and screw them in tightly, so no one gets hurt. If you leave it like this for a long time, you might forget how tight these things are supposed to be, so make sure to check them once in a while. When changing high ceiling light bulbs, make sure that the wires stay out of your way because these can cause accidents that would ruin all of your hard work.

Step 10: Turn on Power

Now that you have changed high ceiling light bulbs, it’s time to turn the power again! Make sure to test your new bulb to be sure that everything is working correctly before moving on. If the LED bulb isn’t turning on, check if there is still electricity running through the cord first by testing another electric device; this way, you won’t get electrocuted. Once everything has checked out, feel free to bask as a light expert in your glory!

Step 11: Dispose of Old Bulbs Safely

When you change a high ceiling light bulb, ensure that you safely dispose of the old bulbs. I recommend recycling them; this will be an environmentally-friendly choice and help reduce waste products. Just think about how many people got injured changing high ceiling lights, and you’ll realize why recycling is such a brilliant idea! These steps will help in how to change high ceiling light bulb.

Old Bulbs Safely


  • Practice makes perfect. Try taking a small light bulb and screwing it back and forth because you might need to do that same motion many times over before the fixture is entirely changed
  • Be careful not to drop your ladder or step stool as this could cause an injury and even more problems if the ladder falls onto other objects
  • Never hold a lit light bulb in your hand as it can burn you quickly because of how hot they become when turned on for long periods
  • Always wear gloves, so you don’t cut yourself on anything sharp such as metal edges or glass shards from old bulbs.
  • Never touch a halogen light bulb with your bare fingers because the oils left on your fingertips can cause it to blow out when turned on.
  • Measure the length of the old light bulb and purchase a new one with the same base type.
  • When changing a high-voltage light bulb in a black fixture, cover it with aluminum foil to avoid getting shocked while taking the old bulb out or putting in a new one.
  • Turn off all room lights before attempting to change a defective light fixture or bulb, and make sure there are no combustible materials nearby.

Benefits of Hiring an Electrician to Change Light Bulbs

It isn’t always easy to change a light bulb. It can be difficult reaching the fixture, and it is even more difficult if there are no step stools in your home. An electrician has the experience and knows how to do this task safely. If a homeowner has many light fixtures to change or high ones, it is much easier and less time-consuming to pay an electrician.

An electrician will also have the proper equipment required to take down any fixture safely. In addition, they will dispose of the old bulb properly and any other harmful materials. This keeps your home safe and eco-friendly. If you hire an experienced professional, they can do this task quickly so you can continue your day without having to worry about it.

An electrician can also help you choose the proper light bulb for your fixtures. They will know which type is best given the bulbs and the room’s purpose. For example, if you are in a kitchen with fluorescent lights, an experienced professional will know that bulbs contain mercury and need to be carefully disposed of. If they are not, it could cause harm to anyone who handles them or contaminate the ground.

There are several ways to pay for this service, so discussing your options with an electrician before any work begins is essential. Some electricians may offer upfront pricing where you pay one flat rate while others charge by the hour. Either way is excellent, and it just depends on what will work best for you.

Most electricians have a minimum hourly rate they charge to come out and perform this service. In addition, it doesn’t matter how long the task takes, whether it be five minutes or three hours. They will still stick to their original quote and hourly rate.

An electrician will also have the proper equipment required to take down any fixture safely. In addition, they will dispose of the old bulb properly and any other harmful materials. This keeps your home safe and eco-friendly. If you hire an experienced professional, they can do this task quickly so you can continue your day without having to worry about it.

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How Do You Change a Ceiling Light Without a Ladder?

Changing a ceiling light bulb on its own isn’t that hard, but changing the bulb in ceilings more than eight feet off the ground can be difficult. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to help you with this chore, so keep reading!

1. Use An Extension Pole

When your ceiling is higher than eight feet, it’s not always easy to get close enough to change the light bulb over your head. To solve this problem, take an adjustable pole like a broomstick or mop handle and attach it directly above the fixture using electrical or even duct tape. Then, when you’re standing under the fixture, you can use the extension pole to change the light bulb.

Extension Pole

2. Use Kitchen Tongs

If you’re looking for something more secure than an extension pole or reaching up with your hands, use kitchen tongs. Wrap duct tape around one of the ends, and leave some extra on there, so it hangs over the side of the tool. Position the tool directly over the light bulb, and use it to change your high ceiling light.

3. Get On A Dumpster

One of the best ways to get up to a high ceiling without climbing onto anything or standing on anything is by getting on top of a dumpster. This keeps you off the ground, but it also gets you closer than an extension pole would. You can easily reach your hand up into the fixture and unscrew that bad boy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between a Chandelier and a Light Fixture?

A chandelier is a set of lights hanging from the ceiling, while a light fixture is an individual light. Chandeliers are often used in larger spaces and can be more intricate than typical lighting fixtures. They may include crystals or ornaments that add to the aesthetics of the room, while light fixtures tend to be less ornate and designed for use in specific areas.

Chandeliers usually require more watts of electricity than standard lights, so they should not be used where lower wattage bulbs are available. Additionally, chandeliers consume more water due to their heavier design and glass components, which can lead to higher humidity levels in a space.

Chandeliers usually require more watts

Are Chandeliers Out of Style?

While Chandeliers may be a little out of fashion these days, they’re definitely not obsolete. In fact, some people might argue that they’re back in style! There are so many beautiful ways to light up your space with chandeliers, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve them.

Think about adding one or more chandeliers to your bedroom as a way to add glamour and sleepiness at the same time. You can also try using chandelier LED lights in other spaces like the kitchen or living room for an interesting lighting effect. Or go all-out and use artisanal crystal or silver drop chandeliers in your entryway or hallway for a truly luxurious feel.

No matter what type of design you’re looking for, there’s sure to be a perfect Chandelier right for you!

What Is Chandelier Light?

Chandelier light is a type of lighting that is often used in large public spaces like auditoriums, casinos, and shopping malls. It is most commonly used for providing a bright and inviting atmosphere. Chandelier light is also popular for its ability to cast a wide area of light without having to use a lot of lamps.


Changing a high ceiling light bulb is not as daunting as it may seem. You can have that new lightbulb in place with the proper tools and instructions before you know it. Follow these simple steps to change your high ceiling light bulb. Now that you know how easy it is, there’s no excuse for having a darkroom anymore. We hope you find this article on how to change high ceiling light bulb useful.

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