How to Adjust Wrangler Headlights

Are you having trouble seeing at night while driving your Jeep Wrangler? If so, you may need to adjust the headlights to ensure that you have the best possible visibility.

Headlights are one of the most important features of a vehicle. They allow you to see in the dark and signal to other drivers when you turn. If your headlights are not adjusted properly, they can diminish your visibility and create a safety hazard.

How to Adjust Wrangler Headlights

When driving at night, your headlights need to be properly adjusted so that you have the best visibility possible. In this blog post, we will show you how to adjust wrangler headlights so that you can see as clearly as possible when driving in the dark. Keep reading for more information!

Why Should You Adjust Wrangler Headlights?

Safety is one of the most important reasons to adjust your Wrangler headlights. If your headlights are not properly adjusted, they can compromise your visibility and make it more difficult to see the road ahead. This can increase the risk of an accident, so you must take steps to ensure that your headlights are aligned correctly.

Another reason to adjust your Wrangler headlights is to improve the quality of your driving experience. When your headlights are aligned properly, you will be able to see more clearly at night and avoid glare from oncoming traffic. This can help you feel more comfortable and confident while driving, even in challenging conditions like storms or heavy rain.

What Will You Need?

You will need a few simple tools and supplies to adjust the headlights on a Wrangler. These include:

1. A headlight adjustment tool

2. A flathead screwdriver (optional)

3. An Allen wrench instead of a specialized tool (optional)

4. Safety glasses or goggles

5. A friend, family member, or another assistant to help you check and align your headlights.

Once you have gathered these tools and supplies, you can begin the process of adjusting your Wrangler headlights.

10 Easy Steps on How to Adjust Wrangler Headlights:

Step 1: Use the Headlight Adjustment Screws 

The first step in adjusting the headlights on a Wrangler is to locate and use the adjustment screws. These are typically located near the top of each headlight and can be adjusted using a flathead screwdriver. Be careful when adjusting these screws, as you do not want to damage the headlights or cause any other issues.

Use the Adjustment Screws

Step 2: Adjust the Headlights for Side-to-Side Aim

Once you have access to the adjustment screws, you can begin to adjust your headlights for side-to-side aim. To do this, use the headlight adjustment tool to loosen the screws on one side of the headlight assembly. 

Then, carefully tilt the headlight assembly back and forth until you achieve the optimal aim. Once you are satisfied with the position of the light beam, tighten the screws again to secure the headlight in place.

Step 3: Adjust the Headlights for Up-and-Down Aim

Next, you will need to adjust the headlights up and down. This can be done by loosening the adjustment screws on one side of the light assembly and then carefully tilting it up or down until you achieve the desired position. Make sure to tighten the screws firmly once you are finished so that your headlights are secured in place.

Step 4: Ask for Help from a Friend or Family Member

When adjusting your Wrangler headlights, it is always a good idea to ask for help from a friend or family member. This will allow you to double-check that you have aligned the headlights correctly and can also help you avoid any potential safety hazards.

Step 5: Test Your Headlights in Low-Light Conditions

Once you have adjusted your Wrangler headlights, testing them out in low-light conditions is important. This will help ensure that they are properly aligned and working as intended, which can improve your visibility and safety while driving at night.

Step 6: Check Your Headlight Aim Regularly

To maintain optimal visibility, it is important to check your Wrangler headlights regularly. This can be done by following the same steps as above or by taking your car to a professional mechanic for an inspection.

Step 7: Use Protective Eyewear

It is also important to use protective eyewear when adjusting your Wrangler headlights, such as safety glasses or goggles. This will help protect your eyes from any debris that may be kicked up during this process, which can reduce the risk of injury.

Step 8: Talk to a Mechanic If You Are Unsure

If you are unsure about how to adjust your Wrangler headlights properly, or if you have trouble achieving the desired aim, it is a good idea to talk to a mechanic. They can help guide you through this process and ensure that your headlights are working as they should.

Ensure That Your Headlights Are Working

Step 9: Invest in Quality Headlight Bulbs

Another important step in adjusting your Wrangler headlights is investing in quality headlight bulbs. These can help improve visibility at night, as well as reduce glare and other issues caused by aging or worn out lights.

Step 10: Take Care of Your Wrangler Overall

Finally, taking care of your Wrangler overall for optimal performance and safety on the road is important. This can include regular maintenance and care and upgrading to new parts and accessories like modern headlight bulbs. With these tips, you can easily adjust your Wrangler headlights and improve your visibility while driving at night.​

Overall, adjusting your Wrangler headlights is an important step in maintaining optimal visibility and safety on the road. Additionally, it is important to invest in quality headlight bulbs and take care of your Wrangler overall so that you can ensure optimal performance while driving at night.​

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips to adjust your Wrangler headlights for maximum safety and visibility on the road:

  1. Gain access to the adjustment screws on your headlights, either by removing a panel around them or by using an appropriate tool.
  2. Use the headlight adjustment tool to loosen the screws on one side of your light assembly.
  3. Carefully tilt the headlight assembly back and forth until you achieve the optimal aim, making sure to tighten the screws firmly once you are finished.
  4. Repeat this process with the other side of your light assembly, adjusting it up or down as needed until you achieve the desired position.
  5. To maintain optimal visibility and safety over time, check your headlights regularly and replace any worn or aging bulbs.
Check Your Headlights Regularly

Additionally, take care of your Wrangler overall by performing regular maintenance and upgrading with new parts and accessories as needed. With these tips, you can easily adjust your Wrangler headlights for better performance and safety on the road.​

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Avoid touching the headlights or other light assemblies while they are hot, as this can cause injury and damage to the headlight housing or bulbs.
  2. Avoid using tools that you are not familiar with or have not been specifically designed for adjusting vehicle headlights, as these can lead to improperly aligned lights and decreased visibility.
  3. Avoid making repeated adjustments to your Wrangler headlights if you cannot get them into an optimal position, as this can result in excessive wear and tear on the parts.
  4. Avoid driving at night without properly adjusted headlights, as this can put you at risk of accidents or other safety issues on the road.
  5. Finally, avoid putting off regular maintenance and care for your Wrangler overall, as this can lead to more serious issues down the line and affect your ability to adjust your headlights properly.

With these tips, you can avoid common pitfalls when adjusting Wrangler headlights and ensure optimal daily and night performance.​

Do You Need to Adjust the Headlights After Leveling the Kit?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on various factors. Factors that may impact whether or not you need to adjust your headlights after installing a leveling kit include the type of leveling kit and headlights that you have, as well as your individual driving habits and preferences.

Some general guidelines for determining when you might need to adjust your headlights after a leveling kit include consulting with an automotive professional, conducting regular inspections of your headlights, and paying attention to any changes in visibility or safety on the road.

Ultimately, whether you need to adjust your Wrangler headlights after a leveling kit will depend on various factors specific to you and your vehicle. However, with some careful consideration and attention, you can ensure optimal performance and safety on the road.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Jeep Wrangler Headlights Be Adjusted?

Jeep Wrangler headlights can be adjusted to achieve a desired level of brightness. The headlight beam can be directed to the front or rear of the vehicle. There are a few steps involved in adjusting Jeep Wrangler headlights.

The first step is to remove the headlight cover. This is done by removing two screws on either side of the headlight cover. After the screws are removed, gently pry the cover off of the headlight.

Next, locate the adjustment screws on each side of the headlight. There are two located on each side, near the top of the headlight. Once located, turn the screws in or out until the desired level of brightness is reached. Be sure to read and follow the instructions included with your Jeep Wrangler headlights for proper installation and adjustment.

Why Are My Jeep Wrangler Headlights So Dim?

There are a few possible reasons why your Jeep Wrangler headlights may appear to be dimmer than usual. One possibility is that the lightbulbs may be worn out or damaged, in which case they should be replaced. Another possibility is that the headlight housing may be corroded or damaged, in which case it should be repaired or replaced. If the headlight housing is not the issue, then the next likely culprit is the lightbulbs themselves. If the lightbulbs are properly installed and are displaying the correct brightness level, but they still seem to be dimmer than usual, it may be because of the angle at which they are being lit. If this is the case, you may want to experiment with different angles of illumination to see which gives you the best results.

Where Are the Headlight Adjustment Screws?

The headlights on a car typically have four adjustment screws: two on the top of the headlight housing and two at the base. These screws allow you to adjust the height of the headlight unit, which should be adjusted to provide a clear and visible beam of light while driving. It is important to keep these screws properly adjusted so that your headlights remain aligned and produce a bright, visible light while driving.

Is It Legal to Modify Headlights?

It is generally legal to modify headlights on cars in the United States, as long as the modifications do not impair the safety of the vehicle or interfere with driver visibility. Modifications that are typically allowed include adding a higher-intensity light bulb, increasing the wattage of the light bulb, or replacing the light bulb with a brighter or more energy-efficient bulb. It is important to make sure that any modifications you make to your headlights are done properly and safely, so be sure to consult with a qualified mechanic before making any changes.


That’s all you need to do to adjust the headlights on your Wrangler. It’s a pretty simple process, but it can significantly affect how well you see at night. So take the time to do it right and enjoy the benefits of better visibility when driving after dark.

Enjoy the Benefits of Better Visibility

Now that you know how to adjust your headlights, you can confidently do so the next time they seem off. You should also check your owner’s manual for specific instructions on properly maintaining and caring for your Wrangler’s headlights. With a few simple tools and these easy-to-follow instructions, you can keep your Wrangler’s headlights shining brightly for years to come.

Hopefully, this information has helped you understand how to adjust wrangler headlights and why it’s important to do so. Thanks for reading!

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