How to Avoid Ring Light Reflection in Eyes

When it comes to taking photos, there are a few things that you have to take into consideration to get the best shot possible. One of those things is avoiding reflections in your subject’s eyes. In this article, we’ll teach you how to avoid ring light reflection in eyes so that your shots look great every time!

How to Avoid Ring Light Reflection in Eyes

Most people who have ever taken a picture with a ring light can attest that it can be tricky to avoid reflection in your eyes. This article will give you some tips on minimizing this issue and taking better pictures!

Summary: Avoiding ring light reflections in the eyes is essential for achieving professional-looking photos and videos. To do so, first adjust the angle and distance of the ring light from the subject. Position the light slightly above the subject’s eye level and tilt it downwards to minimize direct reflection in the eyes.

Experiment with different angles and distances until the reflection is minimized or eliminated. Another option is to use a diffuser to soften the light from the ring light, which can reduce harsh reflections and create a more natural appearance.

In addition to adjusting the ring light, you can also make changes to the subject’s position and gaze. Encourage the subject to look slightly off-camera, which can help to prevent the ring light from creating a noticeable reflection in the eyes.

Alternatively, you can use additional light sources, such as softboxes or umbrella lights, to balance the lighting and reduce the prominence of the ring light reflection. By carefully adjusting the position and intensity of the lighting, you can create an evenly lit scene that minimizes unwanted reflections and enhances the overall quality of your photos and videos.

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A Step by Step Guide on How to Avoid Ring Light Reflection in Eyes

Step 1 : Position Yourself in Front of the Ring Light

For those that own a DSLR camera, I’m sure you’re familiar with the pop-up flash that comes on your cameras. Well, if you take that off and replace it with a ring light, the next step would be positioning yourself in front of it.

The camera should be placed high up and pointing down. You will need to get close to the ring light, depending on how much of the photo you want to be lit up, and whether there is a step ladder that would let you position yourself further away comfortably.

Step 2 : Position Your Subjects in Front of the Ring Light

When taking a picture with a ring light, it is best to have the person you are taking a picture of sit down, and to stand above them looking down. This will make the person’s face look bigger in the picture. The amount that the person’s face will appear in the picture also depends on how close they are to the light, and what kind of lens you are using.

Step 3 : Avoid Ring Light Reflection in Eyes and Mouths

Holding Whisk Broom

If you don’t want your subjects to have reflections in their eyes and mouths when they open them to talk, you can place a step ladder below them and position yourself anywhere from 2 to 5 feet away from them, depending on how large you want their faces to be in the photo.

In order to take the perfect picture of someone, you should stand above them while holding a dustpan and broom in one hand. Take some test shots to see what looks best, and ask the person not to move so you can position yourself properly each time.

Step 4 : How Big You Want the Ring Light in Your Images

It’s up to you how big or small you want your ring light in your images. For example, if you’re using a 50mm lens, then you should place yourself about 2 feet away from your subjects which makes their faces in the photo look larger than life (in a good way). But if you wanted to make their faces look smaller, all you have to do is get closer to them, looking down upon them so that there’s not so much reflection on their eyes.

How close you can get to your subject depends on its size. For example, if you’re photographing an infant, get as close as possible while still avoiding getting the ring light in your images when they start opening their eyes to look at you.

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Step 5 : How Large You Want Your Ring Light in Your Images

Using Zoom Lens

The best way to make the ring light look more prominent in your images is by getting closer to your subjects while looking down upon them. If it’s an infant, then get as close to them as possible while still avoiding getting the ring light in your pictures when they start opening their eyes to look at you.

But if it’s a group of people where I don’t want the ring light to cover their entire faces, then I get as far away from them so that I can use my zoom lens to capture everyone in the picture. How close you get depends on what size of subject you are photographing.

For example, if it’s an infant being photographed, get as close to them as possible while still avoiding getting the ring light in your images when they start opening their eyes to look at you. These steps will help in how to avoid ring light reflection in eyes.

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Tips and Warnings


  • Don’t wear shiny makeup and clothing, and use matte powder for makeup application.
  • If you really must wear eyeshadow or other eye makeup, apply it only in the ring light before taking photographs.Wearing Eyeshadow
  • Clean your ring light regularly. A dirty ring light will cause a lot more reflection and glare.


  • Don’t look directly into the ring light when the flash has been activated.
  • Do not use a ring light to take photographs of infants or small children without adult supervision.
  • Make sure that no one is standing behind you before activating the flash on your camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Tips to Avoid the Reflection of a Ring Light in Eyeglasses?

Simple tips that you can use to avoid the reflection of a ring light in your eyeglasses. First, make sure that the light is directed towards your face and not away from it. Second, adjust the height of the light so that it isn’t shining directly into your eyes. And finally, wear sunglasses when using a ring light to minimize any potential glare or reflections.

Why Do My Eyeglasses Always Reflect Light in Photos?

People experience with their eyeglasses is that they always reflect light in photos. This occurs due to the fact that standard eyeglass lenses are made from a clear plastic material, which causes light to bounce off them and enter your camera as an image. Since digital cameras capture images using pixels, this reflection can cause your photo to look garbled or pixelated.

There are a few things you can do to minimize this problem: first, make sure your eyeglasses have a matte finish so that they won’t reflect light; second, choose glasses that are designed for photography; and third, use a lens hood if you’re taking portraits or shooting high-contrast scenes.

How Do You Stop Eye Reflection?

Achieving no eye reflection in photographs or videos can be difficult, but not impossible. Here are some tips to help you reduce and eliminate reflection:

 Use a Soft Box
  1. Use Diffuse Lighting – Soft illumination from an overhead source is the best for reducing reflections. If natural light is not available, use a soft box or diffuser to create a diffuse light source.
  2. Adjust Your Angle – Adjust your angle slightly downwards so that the lens of your camera is pointing slightly away from the subject’s eyes. This will help reduce direct contact between the reflection and the lens of your camera.
  3. Cover Reflective Surfaces – If you’re shooting in an environment with reflective surfaces, like glass walls or tables, try to cover these surfaces as much as possible with curtains or other materials that will absorb light instead of reflecting it back into the camera’s lens.
  4. Use Anti-Reflective Coating Filters – For situations where you need extra protection against reflected light, you can add an anti-reflective coating filter to your lens to help capture clear images without glare or reflection problems.

Does a Pair of Eyeglasses Transmit Light?

Eyeglasses are designed to block out bright lights and allow you to see in low light. When your eyeglasses are new, the manufacturer will usually adjust them for you so that they conform to your prescription. However, over time the adjustments may not keep up with how far apart your eyes have drifted since your last adjustment. As a result, when you wear glasses outdoors or take photos wearing them, the lenses will often reflect light in random directions.

What Are the Perks of Removing Anti-Reflective Coating From Glasses?

There are a few perks to removing an anti-reflective coating from glasses. Some people find that the coating makes the glasses difficult to see in direct sunlight. Others say that the coating makes the glasses feel cheap and makes it difficult to see in high-contrast environments. In either case, removing the coating is an easy way to improve the comfort and usability of your glasses.


I hope you have gone through the article on how to avoid ring light reflection in eyes. The ring light can cause a person’s eyes to be too bright, and the reflection in their eye will make it hard for them to see you. To prevent this, try moving the ring light away from your subject’s face or switching on a fill light below the camera lens.

If neither of these options work, use an additional diffuser panel that attaches directly onto the front of your lamps. This should create softer shadows on your subjects’ faces and eliminate any reflections caused by direct lighting.

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