How to Set up Sunpak Ring Light

If you’re looking to take your photography skills to the next level, a ring light might be the perfect addition to your gear. In this post, we’ll show you how to set up sunpak ring light and give you some tips on using it for your photos. Stay tuned!

How to Set up Sunpak Ring Light

Summary: Setting up a Sunpak ring light is a simple process that can significantly improve the lighting quality for photography, videography, or video conferencing. Ring lights provide even, soft illumination that reduces shadows and enhances the subject’s appearance, making them an essential tool for content creators, makeup artists, and professionals who regularly participate in video calls. To set up a Sunpak ring light, you’ll need the light itself, the included tripod or stand, and any necessary accessories such as a smartphone or camera mount.

Begin by assembling the tripod or stand according to the manufacturer’s instructions, ensuring that it is stable and secure on a level surface. Next, attach the Sunpak ring light to the tripod by screwing it onto the mounting bracket or sliding it into the designated slot, making sure it is firmly connected and properly aligned.

If your ring light includes a built-in smartphone or camera mount, attach the mount to the center of the ring light, adjusting the positioning as needed to accommodate your device. Plug the ring light into an available power source, and turn it on using the power button or switch. Most Sunpak ring lights feature adjustable brightness and color temperature controls, which can be used to customize the lighting output to suit your needs. Experiment with different settings to achieve the desired lighting effect for your project or video call. By following these simple steps, you can set up a Sunpak ring light and enhance the lighting quality for various

Why Should You Use a Sunprk Ring Light?

There are several reasons to use a Sunpak ring light. The lighting it provides is perfect for portraits and product shots, creating a soft and flattering light. It’s also easy to set up and use, making it ideal for beginner photographers.

Required Materials

To Set Up a Sunpak Ring Light, You’ll Need the Following Materials:

  • A Sunpak ring light
  • A stand or tripod for the ring light
  • Camera and lens
  • Adapter

How to Set up Sunpak Ring Light Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Insert Batteries Into the Power Pack:

The first thing you need to do is insert batteries into the power pack. You will need four AA batteries; once you have inserted the batteries, screw on the battery cover.

Step 2: Connect the PowerPack to The Ring Light

Once you have the ring light assembled, the next step is to connect the power supply. The power supply will be in a separate package from the ring light and will come with its instructions. There are two ways to connect the power pack to the ring light: North America and Europe.

For North America:

  1. Find the power pack that says “INPUT: 100-240V ~ 1.6A 50/60Hz”
  2. Connect the power pack to the wall using the provided adapter
  3. Plug the power cord that comes out of the power pack into the “POWER IN” port on the back of the ring light
  4. Turn on the power switch on the power pack

For Europe:

  • 1. Find the power pack that says “INPUT: 220-240V ~ 2.0A 50/60Hz”
  • 2. Connect the power pack to the ring light.
  • 3. Connect the power cord to the power pack.
  • 4. Plug in the power cord to an outlet.
  • 5. Press the switch on the power pack to turn on the ring light.

Step 3: Mount the Ring Light on Your Camera

Now that the ring light is set up, it’s time to mount it on your camera. There are a few different ways to do this, but the easiest is to use the tripod mount on the bottom of the light. Just screw it into the tripod mount on your camera, and you’re good to go!

Mount the Ring Light On Your Camera

Step 4: Place the Ring Light on A Tripod or Other Sturdy Surface

For best results, mount your ring light on a tripod or other sturdy surface to keep it steady and avoid unwanted movement or camera shake that can distort your photos or videos.

If you don’t have a tripod handy, you can also use a bookshelf or table to secure the light in place. Just be sure to use something stable and can handle the weight of the light.

Step 5: Adjust the Height and Angle of the Ring Light

The Sunpak ring light comes with an adjustable stand to position the light at different heights and angles. To adjust the height, loosen or tighten the knob on the stand. To adjust the angle, loosen the knob on the swivel joint and rotate the light until it is in the desired position.

Step 6: Connect the Power Cord

The power cord for the Sunpak ring light is located on the side of the unit. To connect it, first, locate the power outlet on the back of the unit. Next, find the power cord and insert it into the power outlet. Finally, plug the other end of the power cord into a wall outlet or surge protector.

Step 7: Turn on The Ring Light

To turn on the ring light, hold down the power button for two seconds. You will hear a beeping sound, and the light will turn on. Then, you can release the button. If the light doesn’t turn on, make sure that it is plugged into an outlet and that the switch is turned on.

Once the ring light is on, you can adjust the brightness by pressing the power button. You will hear a beeping sound each time you press the button. The light will stay on for 30 seconds after the last button press.

Turn on the Ring Light

You can also change the color of the light by pressing the mode button. There are six different colors red, green, blue, yellow, pink, and white. To cycle through the colors, press the mode button until you find the one you want.

Step 8: Adjust the Brightness as Needed

The brightness of the ring light can be adjusted as needed. To do this, rotate the brightness knob on the back of the light. Keep in mind that the brighter the light is, the more power it will use.

Remember to keep your ring light close to your subject to avoid shadows and achieve even lighting. Experiment with different brightness levels to find the perfect setting for your needs.

Now that you know how to set up sunpak ring light, you can start taking great photos with ease! Remember to keep your light close to your subject for even lighting and avoid shadows. Experiment with different brightness levels to find the perfect setting for your needs.

How Do I Set My Ring Light?

First, find a sturdy surface to set your ring light on. It could be a tripod, table, or countertop. Make sure it is level, and the legs are fully extended. Second, take the power cord and plug it into an outlet. Third, find the perfect location for your ring light.

The closer it is to the subject, the better. Fourth, extend the tripod legs to the appropriate height and tighten them once you have found the perfect location. Fifth, adjust the angle of the ring light head to point directly at your subject. Sixth, turn on the power switch and enjoy your well-lit photos! Keep reading for more information about how to set up sunpak ring light.

How Do You Use a Ring Light Button?

  1. To turn on the power, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The blue LED will indicate that the ring light is on.
  2. To change the brightness, press the brightness button to cycle through the four brightness settings.
  3. To turn off the power, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The blue LED will indicate that the ring light is off.
  4. 4. To change the color temperature, press the color temperature button to cycle through the three different color temperatures.
Use a Ring Light Button

Frequently Asked Question

What to Do if The Ring Light Is Not Working?

If your Sunpak ring light is not working, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue.

First, check that the power source is working and that the light is properly plugged in. If the light is still not working, try resetting it by unplugging it and then plugging it back in. If the light still does not work, there may be a problem with the light itself, and it will need to be replaced.

What Is a Sunpak?

A Sunpak is a type of lighting fixture that is commonly used in photography. It is composed of an outer ring of light bulbs surrounding a central light bulb. This design allows the light to be evenly distributed around the subject, providing a flattering and natural-looking effect.

How Far Away Should a Ring Light Be?

The optimal distance between your ring light and your subject will depend on your light’s size. If you have a smaller ring light, you’ll want to place it closer to your subject to illuminate them more evenly. However, if you have a larger ring light, you can place it further away and still get it. Can you use a ring light with any camera?

To have even light, the ring light should be at least 1.5 times the length of your subject away from them.

Where Should Ring Lights Be Placed?

There are three general places to set up a ring light: in front of the subject, above the subject, or to the subject’s side. The best position for your ring light will depend on what you are trying to achieve with your photograph. For example, if you want to create a soft and natural look, place the light in front of the subject. If you want to create a more dramatic look, place the light above the subject.

How Do You Reset a Ring Light?

There are a few ways to reset a ring light. One way is to hold down the power button until the light turns off. Another way is to unscrew the lightbulb and screw it back in.

A Few Ways to Reset A Ring Light

Why Is My Ring Not Bright?

If your ring light is not bright, you can check a few things. The first is to ensure that the battery is charged and the light is turned on. If it is still not bright, you may need to replace the lightbulb. Finally, after trying these steps, if the light is still not bright, it may be time to purchase a new ring light.


A sunpak ring light is a great addition to any photography enthusiast’s toolkit. It can be used in various settings and offers flexibility that other lighting options cannot match. Follow these simple steps to set up your sunpak ring light, and you’ll be ready to take beautiful photos in no time! Have you tried using a sunpak ring light? What are your favorite ways to use it? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading our post about how to set up sunpak ring light.

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