How to Change Light Bulb in 20 Ft Ceiling

Changing a light bulb in a 20 ft ceiling is not as daunting as it seems. With the right tools and a little bit of know-how, you can have that light bulb changed in no time. In this article, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to change light bulb in 20 ft ceiling, so you can be safe and secure while doing it.

How to Change Light Bulb in 20 Ft Ceiling

Changing a light bulb is a simple task that most people can do with ease, but a few tips and tricks can make the process even simpler. So whether your ceiling is 20 feet high or just 2 feet high, read on for instructions to change that light bulb like a pro!

Summary: In this article, we will show you how to change a light bulb in a 20 foot ceiling without any tools. The most common type of light bulb is a standard incandescent bulb, which uses between 20 and 30 watts of power. If your ceiling is covered in insulation, it may be difficult to get to the light bulb. In this case, you can try using a ladder to reach the light bulb.

A Stepwise Guide on How to Change Light Bulb in 20 Ft Ceiling

Step 1: Determine the Kind of Bulb You Need

You will need to determine the type and size of the required lightbulb for changing in 20 ft ceiling. There are different bulbs with different LED lights, halogen, fluorescent, etc. Based on your requirement, select a bulb and visit an electric store nearby for purchasing it. If you find it challenging to choose a bulb by yourself, then take the help of an electrician as he would know about it.

Determine the Type and Size

You need to know about different types of bulbs and their wattage and voltage ratings to choose the correct fitting bulb for your room or building. Nowadays, dimmable LED lights are available for home use by consumers. You should carefully read the specifications before purchasing it from any store near your area or on the internet if you want to save some money on it too.

Step 2: Handle the Ladder

You need to take this step seriously, as no one should use a stepladder that isn’t meant for climbing high. You can purchase a fiberglass or aluminum ladder from any nearby home improvement store. Always follow the instructions provided on the ladder box and assemble it carefully in its proper place to avoid falling.

Secure the stepladder after opening it into a firm standing position. Before stepping on the ladder, make sure it is fixed firmly and tighten all its nuts and bolts. Wear rubber shoes on the ladder to help you grip and walk easily on it, even when it is wet outside. If children are around, keep them away from the ladder as they cannot understand its seriousness.

The stepladder you’ve created can be dangerous if not handled properly. Remember, you have no control over its stability, so be careful while working at height, especially with a heavy bulb! Follow all safety measures to avoid injury.

Step 3: Turn Off the Electricity

Before you climb up to change the lightbulb, make it a habit to turn off the electricity of that particular room or building where you are working with. You can find an electric box nearby in your home or office with circuit breakers to turn it off and on again when required.

Turn Off the Electricity

Step 4: Climb Safely

Now you are all set to change the 20 ft ceiling bulb after following all necessary steps prudently. Assemble the ladder in the correct place near the hanging lightbulb in your ceiling and put one foot on it very carefully so that no accident occurs due to imbalance. Do not overstretch yourself, as this could result in falling from high. Stand straight, stretch your hands upward to reach out the bulb carefully. This is a crucial step in how to change light bulb in 20 ft ceiling.

Step 5: Bulb Grabber

Grab the bulb carefully with both your hands and pull it down carefully. Now put the new bulb in its place again by turning it to the left for removal and suitable for installation. You can tighten all its terms light bulb by putting a new bulb, so there is no hassle in changing the lightbulb in a 20 ft ceiling next time.

The new bulb should be placed in its place by putting it to the left. Once you have inserted the new bulb, screw it in clockwise direction until the bulb is tight. Then put the glass cap of the light bulb back on and screw it too so that it does not come out again.

Step 6: Pole Hooks

Now that the bulb has fallen on, you use a pole hook to remove the broken pieces. This pole is handy for removing unwanted items or objects from your home or office ceilings. You can purchase it from any nearby hardware store with less effort if you cannot find it in your house.

Step 7: Bulb Installation

Fix a new bulb by turning it clockwise into the socket until you hear a click sound that indicates that it has been fixed properly. Next, please turn on the electrical circuit breaker and check whether it is working or not by pressing a button available on the switchboard. If it works, turn off all lights in the room to save energy; otherwise, leave them ON for further use.

Install the Bulb

Step 8: Clean Upward

Now that you have turned on the switchboard, it is time to safely climb down from the ladder. Do not forget to turn off all lights in the room or building as too much electricity will harm the bulb and reduce its life. In case if you want to replace multiple bulbs, repeat these steps for each one carefully.

Step 9: Dispose of the Broken Bulb

Now that you have successfully changed the 20 ft ceiling bulb without any problem or accident, dispose of it correctly in your nearest local garbage bin. Ensure that the broken pieces are not touching anyone through their sharp edges. Do not let kids play with them if they accidentally contact them. These steps will help in how to change light bulb in 20 ft ceiling.

Clean Up the Broken Bulb

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  • There are several precautionary measures you need to take when changing a light bulb in a Lightbulb ceiling.
  • You should wear shoes with rubber soles or use small step ladders (4 ft tall) to avoid slipping and falling on your back. Make sure that the ladder is stable.
  • Ideally, you should have one person hold the ladder while another changes the light bulb in the 20-foot ceiling. Alternatively, ask someone to help you out in exchange for some money!

Are Wires Live When Switch Is Off?

In most cases, the wires are live when the switch is off. This is because traditional single-pole buttons have a break in the circuit at the switch itself and a “load” wire that continues to other outlets. But there’s no guarantee this will be true for your home.

You can turn off all breakers that feed into the switch to determine if the wires are live. Then remove the switch cover plate and test to determine whether or not it is still receiving electricity. If so, turn off circuit breakers for additional circuits until power stops reaching the switch. If you do not have an extra breaker to shut down, you’ll need to use a voltage tester to find which line is providing power at this point.

Unfortunately, electricians can’t control Mother Nature. If you lose power from your house during an electrical storm, don’t touch any metal objects or plumbing fixtures until you’ve gone outside and checked for downed power lines. If you have metal pipes, don’t touch them either. The electricity from a downed line can travel through the ground and “back feed” to your house’s outlets. That’s why it’s so important to shut off your main fuse during an outage.

If the power is back on and you’re still nervous, install a safety switch that will cut power in case a burglar forces the door open or a fire ignites nearby. How much does this cost? Depending on what you have now, anywhere from $20 to just over $100 labor plus the parts needed for installation — about $25 to $35 total.


What Type of Light Bulb Should I Use to Replace the One That Is Currently in My 20-foot Ceiling?

The best type of bulb to use in your 20-foot ceiling is an LED light bulb. This will reduce the amount of heat the light bulb emits, which can be dangerous in a high-ceilinged room. For example, an incandescent or halogen bulb may rise to 500 degrees Fahrenheit while it’s lit, but an LED light only heats up to about 90 degrees while it’s on.

Where Should I Buy New Lights for My 20-foot Ceiling?

You’ll want to go with LED light bulbs, of course. How much you choose to spend on the lights will be up to you. You can find them online or in your local hardware store. Just make sure that they are specifically designed for high ceilings rather than general use.

Is Changing Light Bulbs Dangerous?

It can be dangerous, but following this article when Changing Light Bulb in 20 Ft Ceiling guide will help keep you safe. First of all, change the correct light bulb. If you are changing a floodlight or recessed lighting fixture, the proper way is to use an extension ladder and climb up. Then, with a hand on your left side carrying the new floodlight or recessed light bulb and gloved arrows, unscrew the old floodlight or recessed light bulb. Next, place down your Light Bulb and reach for and hold the floodlight or recessed light bulb with your gloved hands as close as possible to its base without touching it. This will prevent accidental shock.

Unscrew the Old Floodlight

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We hope this blog post helped you figure out how to change light bulb in 20 ft ceiling. We’ve compiled a list of step-by-step instructions for changing your light bulb in 20 ft ceilings. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to inform us, and we will be happy to help. Happy lighting!

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